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Sport Clubs at FIU

SPORT CLUBS are organizations created and run by students who seek instruction, recreation, competition and socialization in sports activities at levels typically not provided through Recreation Services, physical education classes or intercollegiate athletics.

Open to novices as well as the experienced participant, these clubs have been developed over the years through student interest and leadership. Members' success has been demonstrated through such accomplishments as local, state, regional and national championships.

For more information on Sport Clubs, call (305) 348-7530 or email

Club News


CLUBS - please forward photos and/or results from your recent competitions or events to Recreation Services. Email to:

Women's Rugby

Women's Rugby Club: (May 12, 2014) The FIU Women's Rugby Club made it into the USA Collegiate Rugby Division II Final Four for the first time ever. After an undefeated season, the Panthers made the long-distance travel to Northern California and Stanford University the weekend of May 10-11 for the competition.

In the semi-final game, the University of Mary Washington (having gotten into the finals via a qualifying team default) upset the Panthers 29-17. Mary Washington then went on to win the national championship by defeating Cal State Northridge 36-22. In the third-place game, FIU was squeezed out by Indiana University (PA) 19-17.

Congratulations to the Women's Rugby Club for a great year and support their efforts to move up to Division I next year.

TaeKwonDo Nationals

Taekwondo Club: (Apr. 7, 2014) The FIU Taekwondo Club competed from April 4-6 at the National Taekwondo Championships at the University of California-Berkeley. The team accumulated 3 Gold, 7 Silver, and 6 Bronze medals and also qualified three athletes (Coach Chris Alvarez, Assistant Coach Ray Alvarez, and Sky Choi) as part of the National Collegiate Team.

The group competed against and bested athletes from such schools as MIT, Brown, and Stanford. Compared to last year's success in the competition, the club tripled their medal count and is aiming to accumulate the most points towards school rankings in the years to come.

Boxing Club

Boxing Club: (Apr. 7, 2014) The FIU Boxing Club sent 5 boxers to the U.S. Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA) competition held at the Univ. of Miami April 3-5. Results had FIU boxers finishing in the following weight classes: 131 lbs. - Josh Ortiz (Champion), 141 lbs. Malaki Barbee - (Champion), 151 lbs. - Karim Scott (Semi-Finalist), 131 lbs. - Orlando Gonzalez (Quarter-Finalist), and 181 lbs. - Alex Krueger-Dobrota (Quarter-Finalist).

Other schools competing included UCLA, U.S. Military Academy (West Point), Univ. of Southern California, Michigan, UM, East Carolina, Georgetown, Maryland, UF, FSU, Univ. of San Francisco, Olivet College, FAMU, Nova Southeastern, Virginia Military Institute (VMI), and Syracuse.

FIU Magazine

Equestrian Club: (Jan. 7, 2014) The Winter 2014 edition of FIU Magazine features the FIU Equestrian Club on its cover. The online edition also features a video clip - view it here.


stop signIn the State of Florida, hazing is a criminal offense. Hazing is when any group, or individual action or activity, that inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of the participant(s) occurs. (FIU Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct 6.i)

Hazing includes, but is not limited to:

- Interference with a student’s academic performance.
- Forced consumption of any food, alcohol, controlled substances, drugs, or any other substance.
- Forced physical activity (beyond what is ordinarily part of an organized, voluntary sports contest/practice/training).
- Deprivation of food or sleep.
- Kidnapping, including restricting a person to move about in free and lawful manner.
- Physical abuse of any nature.
- Performing personal chores or errands.
- Verbal abuse or degradation, including yelling or demands.
- Assigning or endorsing pranks (i.e. stealing, harassing other organizations, defacing property, etc.).
- Any action or threatened action that would subject the individual to embarrassment, humiliation or mental distress, including the use of demeaning names.
- Any other acts or intended acts that constitute hazing pursuant to 240.1325 Florida Statutes.


Check the Weekly Recreation Facility Schedule (click here) for semester practice/meeting times of established active Sport Clubs. Times/Locations may change due to facility availability. Club practices are in gold, matches/events in blue.

  • How to Join or Start
    a Club

    To join a Sport Club, contact the club representative (phone # or email available through the Descriptions link, or through the Recreation Services Office. For meeting and practice sites/times, visit the club's web page or look for flyers posted on campus.

    Mail inquiries to:

    __________ Club, RC 103, Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199.

    To start a new Sport Club, contact Matt O'Connor, the Assistant Director for Intramural & Club Sports, at (305) 348-1054 or email